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13 Nov 2011
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Perplexercises book Brain Trainer book NewIt's here! Mr. Armstrong's latest book, Perplexercises, Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Young and Agile. Perplexercises is the best collection of new Brainteasers to come along in years. Over 900 clever, original puzzles with the solutions completely explained. Get your best mental workout here. To learn more about Perplexercises, click here.

Also check out his earlier book, Brain Trainer, Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Young and Agile. As the title suggests, Brain Trainer not only contains hundreds of clever, original puzzles, it also explains how to solve the brainteasers and get the best mental workout. To learn more about Brain Trainer, click here.

Do you like to laugh? Would a little lighthearted comedy improve your day? Well, browse through this site to read the complete text of some funny plays and stories. If you see a play that tickles you, why not get your local theatre group to perform it?
  • To read complete scripts or quick summaries of the Plays (one-act comedies, musicals and family drama for theater), select this link: About the Plays.
  • To read some stories (humorous, off-the-wall stuff), to enjoy some poetry, or to play some music, select this link: Other Writing.
  • To see hype and exaggerations about who we are, select this link: About Us.

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