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by William Armstrong
31 Mar 2012
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Air Flight Alibi Puzzle

Genre: Situation Puzzle Rating: 5 - Medium Source: William Armstrong
Brain Functions: Logic / Observation Hint    Solution

Wilson's dead body was found about 9 AM by day laborers who normally worked on the Wilson farm. Police had pinpointed the time of death using forensic evidence and a neighbor's statement. The neighbor had heard the shot that killed Fred Wilson. "It was almost exactly six o'clock. I checked my watch and saw the sun just over the top of the Wilson farm house. I didn't figure it was a gunshot until police said that Fred had been shot to death about that time."

The prime suspect was probably Wilson's wife, but she seemed to have an air-tight alibi. She had boarded a flight from Tokyo to San Francisco at 5 PM on the day of the murder. The flight was a good ten hours long, plus another two or three hour drive from San Francisco airport to the Wilson farm.

Ultimately, it was determined that Wilson's wife shot and killed her husband at the time indicated by the neighbor. As the police took the wife into custody at the Wilson farm, she cursed in the direction of the neighbor's farm. How can you reconcile the facts? And which direction was Mrs. Wilson looking as she cursed the neighbor's farm?

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