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by William Armstrong
2 Apr 2011
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Spotting Fever Puzzle

Genre: Child's Play Rating: 6 - Medium to Hard Source: William Armstrong
Brain Functions: Visualization / Verbal Skills Hint    Solution

This is a not-so-hidden object puzzle. We want you to find some objects from the list provided below, but we have not hidden them or disguised them as anything else. Still, working this out might be a little harder than you’d think.

Find the following in the picture below:
bow, car, diner, ellipses, frog, glasses, hood, plane, plant, rail, saw, tie, tower, trunk, and wire.

Then go back and find them all a second time by identifying totally different things. For example, on the far right of the picture you can find a railroad RAIL and a hand RAIL.

You may even be able to find a third example of some of the words. Good spotting.

Spotting Fever Puzzle

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