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23 Feb 2013
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Ten Coins-Five Stacks Puzzle

Genre: Sequential Movement Puzzle Rating: 5 - Medium Source: Unknown
Brain Functions: Visualization / Sequential Hint    Solution

Arrange ten coins or other markers in line as shown. A coin moves by jumping to the right or left over two occupied positions and landing on a single coin. In five moves get the coins into five stacks of two coins each.

Ten Coins-Five Stacks Puzzle

Example moves: The coin at position 4 could move on top of the coin at position 1 or on top of the coin at position 7. Let's say it moved to position 1. Then the coin at position 5 could jump to position 8, but it could not go to the left. Position 4 is now unoccupied, so the coin at position 5 would jump over occupied positions 3 and 2 but is not allowed to land on a stack of two coins at position 1. A single coin leaves its position unoccupied, travels over two occupied positions, and lands on a single coin (not a stack). Unoccupied positions are ignored.

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