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18 Aug 2012
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Coin Squeeze Puzzle

Genre: Packing Puzzle Rating: 6 - Medium to Hard Source: William Armstrong
Brain Functions: Visual Thinking, Analysis Hint    Solution

You have a large supply of two different U.S. coins, dimes and quarters. Dimes have a diameter of .705 inches; quarters have a diameter of .955 inches. You have a small tray with an inside diameter of 2.65 inches square. Create a single layer of coins to fit entirely in the tray. All coins must lay flat and must not overlap. The quarters and/or dimes you use should add up to the largest possible value. Quarters are worth $.25; dimes are worth $.10.

Can you fit more than $1.75 into the tray?

Coin Squeeze Puzzle 2Coin Squeeze Puzzle 1

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