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27 Oct 2012
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Hidden Countries Puzzle

Genre: Word Puzzle Rating: 4 - Medium Source: William Armstrong
Brain Functions: Vocabulary / Pattern Recognition Hint    Solution

Find the names of two countries buried in each of the lines below. Ignore capitalization, punctuation, and spacing.

Example: Swollen glands? Call it a lymph problem.
Answer: Swoll ENGLAND s? Call ITALY mph problem.
  1. Order a turkey sandwich to go.
  2. The woman was a singer many years ago.
  3. It wasn't a nice landing for the broken yacht.
  4. The staff ran census data on their ancestors.
  5. Can you see a fine palace from busy Rialto Bridge?
  6. We agree celery has a dismal taste.
  7. Scrape rust from the drain I germproof.
  8. There were charges of user bias, charges we denied.
  9. The bear cub ate hibachi lemon chicken.
  10. Can a day be enough time to label a rush order?
  11. Some Ninja pan Amazon's shipping policy.
  12. A vulgar gent in a hurry spills paint.
  13. To a geisha it is like haiku waiting to be read.
  14. It was a sudden market drop, half in land speculation.
  15. Play music on golf courses and say "goodbye mental acuity."
  16. Would a man go lament it if I jilted him?
  17. Even if you fear men I admire, they can stir a quiet respect.
  18. He wore a fancy Prussian uniform.
  19. A glutton gains a few pounds to weigh an average of 284.
  20. This mocha drink has an aroma like chocolate.

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