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27 Apr 2013
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Cryptic Crossword Square 2 Puzzle

Genre: Crossword Puzzle Rating: 6 - Medium to Hard Source: William Armstrong
Brain Functions: Vocabulary, Synthesis Hint    Solution

Here is a ten-word cryptic crossword puzzle. Each clue contains a normal definition and a wordplay denifition for the same answer. For example, consider this clue: Auto Club of U.S. - even parts of Canada (3). The answer is 3 letters long. The normal definition (Auto Club of U.S.) points to "AAA". The wordplay definition (even parts of Canada) also points to "AAA" because the even letters in "Canada" are three A's. For more instructions on how to solve cryptic crosswords see How to Solve Cryptic Crosswords.

Cryptic Crossword Square Puzzle
Across: 1. Start to go wander around orchard (5)
6. Tears down, builds up in speech (5)
7. End body odor in exercise of skill (5)
8. Parsonage means remodeling (5)
9. One of the cattle drive (5)

Down: 1. Germany's leader bashes metric weights (5)
2. Retro bar near Moroccan capital (5)
3. District goes after oxygen, another type of oxygen (5)
4. Better serve poetry (5)
5. Organic compound from oldest era (5)

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