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25 Feb 2012
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Egyptian Dice Puzzle

Genre: Lateral Thinking Puzzle Rating: 5 - Medium Source: William Armstrong
Brain Functions: Lateral Thinking, Creativity Hint    Solution

When role playing games appeared (ca. 1974), they came with an intriguing array of dice to add randomness to the statistics they used. In addition to common (6-sided) dice, they used regular polyhedrons with four sides, eight sides, ten sides, and twenty sides. The four-sided dice, for example, were tetrahedrons.

Egyptian Dice Puzzle

Ancient Egypt had board games that used a simpler method for creating four-sided dice. The Egyptian method works for three-sided or five-sided dice, as well. Can you suggest a way to make an object you can roll that will randomize four different choices (or five, or three) with equal probability?

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