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20 Oct 2012
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Election Logic Puzzle

Genre: Logic Puzzles Rating: 5 - Medium Source: William Armstrong
Brain Functions: Analysis, Details Hint    Solution

Four candidates (Brown, Garcia, Jones, and Smith) recently vied for the same office in an election. Their first names were Carlos, John, Lucy, and Marie. Their campaign slogans were (in no particular order) Action, Change, Honesty, and Progress. One candidate won a majority of the votes, so no run-off election was needed. Determine the first and last names of each candidate, their slogans, and the order of their placement in the election results.

  1. John got more votes than Jones.
  2. Garcia's 'Change' slogan got 26% of the votes.
  3. Marie's 'Action' slogan got more votes than 'Progress.'
  4. Mrs. Smith got 14% of the votes.
  5. The 'Honesty' slogan scored fewer votes than Lucy.
Election Logic Puzzle

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