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4 Mar 2011
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Fahra Weigh Places

Genre: Logic Rating: 9 - Challenger Source: Brain Trainer Puzzle 134
Brain Functions: Logic / Calculations Hint    Solution

Fahra Field is a student at Watson Elementary School in the housing development of Sure-Lock Homes. One day when no one was absent from Fahra’s class, everyone got weighed by the school nurse. The total weight of all of the boys in Fahra’s class is 698 pounds. The combined weight of all of the girls is 520 pounds. The students are assigned permanent seats in a classroom with several single desks and seven double desks. Circle the letter of the response that best answers each of the following questions.
  1. How many classmates does Fahra Field have?
    a. 11    b. 12    c. 13    d. 14    e. 15
  2. Which of the following is not true of Fahra’s class?
    a. Every girl shares a double desk with a boy.
    b. No two boys share the same double desk.
    c. None of the boys weighs less than the class average.
    d. None of the boys weighs more than 98 pounds.
    e. All boys sit at double desks.
  3. Since Fahra was recently ill and weighs 10 pounds less than the average member of her class, how much does Fahra weigh?
    a. 41    b. 62    c. 68    d. 71    e. 82

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