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15 Jul 2011
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Trimmed Checkerboard Puzzle

Genre: Logic Rating: 7 - Hard Source: Max Black?
Brain Functions: Logic / Visualization Hint    Solution

Here's one of the first puzzles I remember trying to solve. I failed to solve it and "looked up the answer." The answer required insight; it required making a connection that I don't think I ever would have seen on my own. Here's the puzzle:

You have a checkerboard with the usual 64 black and red squares except that two squares (opposite corners) have been removed. You also have a large supply of dominoes. Each of the dominoes is a size that exactly covers two of the checkerboard's squares. Can you cover the 62 squares with 31 dominoes? If so, how? If not, explain how you know it is impossible.

Trimmed Checkerboard

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