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04 Feb 2012
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Sam Loyd Charades

Genre: Riddles Rating: 5 - Medium Source: Sam Loyd, Cyclopedia
Brain Functions: Lateral Thinking, Vocabulary Hint    Solution

Sam Loyd was a puzzle expert who published his works 100 years ago. Here are a few of Loyd's riddles. They are charades. A charade assembles two or more pieces into an answer word. For example, we might put "off" and "ice" together to form "office." Remember, these are a hundred years old, so some notions may be dated.

Journey Charade

If you a journey ever take,
    No matter when or where,
My first would surely have to pay
    Before you can get there.

My second you would scarcely see
    If London through you go;
But still 'tis what I hope you are:
    Few better things I know.

I say my whole with secret pain,
    Though hoping soon to meet again.

Two Quick Charades

  1. What is it from which the whole may be taken and yet some will remain?
  2. In my first my second sat. My third and fourth I ate.
    My whole will fail to satisfy, whatever’s on my plate.

Shylock Charade

Two words which denote what old Shylock will hold
On your house, or your land, ere he lends you his gold
Enjoined, name a being who wanders from home
And in many strange climates may sojourn or roam,
But where'er he may be, in town, country, or strand,
He can never exist in his own native land.

Charade in Brass

In every hedge my second is,
As well on every tree,
And when the school-boy acts amiss,
It often is his fee.

My first likewise is always wicked,
Although it does no sin.
My total for my first is fitted,
Is made of brass or tin.

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