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by William Armstrong
6 Nov 2011
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Odd Men Out Puzzle

Genre: Pattern Recognition Rating: 7 - Hard Source: William Armstrong
Brain Functions: Pattern Recognition / Lateral Thinking Hint    Solution

The "odd man out" puzzle has been around for many years. You are presented with a group of words or pictures and asked to select the one that does belong in the group. Solvers often come up with valid answers that were not intended by the puzzle creator. Here are some new puzzles that have at least two "odd men" based on how you put the remaining items into a common group.

For example, Food, Oxygen, TNT, Water

Food, oxygen, and water are obviously necessities of life, so TNT would be the odd man out. However, Food, Oxygen, and TNT are all cable television networks, making water the odd man out. Find reasons to consider two different words to be the "odd man out" in the following puzzles. In puzzles 3 and 4 we found three different groupings that each resulted in a different "odd man out." See if your mind can come up with some solutions to these brainteasers.

  1. Adams, Jackson, Lincoln, Madison, Montgomery
  2. Bro, Dad, Mom, Nun, Pop, Sis
  3. Abraham, Charlie, Mike, Oscar, Victor, Whiskey
  4. China, Grasshopper, Herring, Lobster, Robin

By the way, none of our answers are based on the number of letters or syllables in the words.

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