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by William Armstrong
26 Nov 2011
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Hidden Fish Puzzle

Genre: Hidden Words Rating: 4-Medium Source: Perplexercises #23
Brain Functions: Vocabulary / Analysis / Synthesis Hint    Solution

Each of these puzzles hides the names of two or more kinds of fish. Ignore capitalization, punctuation, and spacing. For example, "Sends Mel tickets" is hiding smelt. Congratulations if you find some I missed.

  1. Ask a test question: Did Caesar dine with Cleopatra?
  2. Yep, I keep selling TV's: for her, a plasma; him, a high-def LED.
  3. The group I ran had a group error.
  4. Her smart-alec hubby is in my car pool.
  5. Sincere prayer can cause harm in no way.
  6. I wish Arkansas chefs would put lamb on it once.
  7. That dang elf is hiding cashews, almonds, and peanuts.
  8. The bar at Route 14 was pretty quiet until a piano was put in.
  9. Far from lethal, I buttered her ring finger to remove the band.
  10. Each rancho vying for the prize had dock workers toil all day.
  11. Growing up pygmy also led to an inferiority complex.
  12. He's brilliant but unable to grasp rather simple concepts.
  13. Use Bob as secret coder to view all eyes-only material.
  14. The first eel headed into the trough you filled.
  15. The grammar linguists continue the paper chase.

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