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26 Nov 2011
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Mental Blocks 2 Puzzle

Genre: Mazes Rating: 4-Medium Source: Perplexercises #14
Brain Functions: Visual Thinking / Logic Hint    Solution

Move from the Enter/Exit square to the Treasure square and return to the starting location. Don't go through any walls (the heavy black lines) nor through any blocks (the shaded, lettered squares). But you can push a block into an empty square as long as there is no wall or block behind it.

Mental Blocks 2

If you have a recent version of Microsoft Excel, you can open an interactive version of this puzzle to play on your computer. Click here for interactive version.

Detailed rules:

This puzzle is a movable maze that will put your visualization skills to the test. It also requires logical thinking, focus, and at least short-term memory. In short, it is harder than it looks.

In this puzzle you must find your way from the Enter/Exit square (at the top center) to the treasure and get back to the starting location to win. The shaded areas are huge blocks. You can push a block if there is no wall and no block on the other side of it. The thick lines are walls. Neither you nor the blocks can move through walls or other blocks. When you move a block, it must move the entire length of a square.

Mental Blocks 2

Consider the partial grid shown here as an example. Block A and block C can't be pushed in any direction. Block B is free to be pushed in any direction except that we might not be able to get to the square west of Block B (to push it east). Block D can only be pushed north or south; pushing it north might block your way back to the Enter/Exit point. Once Block D is moved, Block C could be pushed east or west.

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