Glama, Act II, Scene 4

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A Full Length Musical Comedy by William Armstrong

Scene Four
Hotel room,
Thursday night.
Lights up as Jeff enters Sam and Janet's hotel room.
Jeff, please come in. Is this about tomorrow's trip to the railroad yard?
No, that's still on. No, I was hoping you could give me some advice.
You want my advice? Sure, you can have it; I'm not using it.
You two have been married for a long time.
46 years.
And you still seem to be in love with each other. How do you do it?
Is this a purely academic question, or do you have a particular relationship in mind?
Music comes up for "(Love Is) Something You Do".
There is a woman I'm dreaming of, and I hope that the feelings will stay.
Can I continue falling in love with the same person day after day?
People will wait for romance to come, never moving 'til there is a shove.
Caught way off balance like they were someone tripping and falling in love.

Love is something you do -- not a puddle you fall in to.
Love's not a pit full of quicksand or mud
Tripping up victims who land with a thud.
No -- love's been my grounded commitment
By choice never knowing what 'quit' meant.

You've got to roll up your sleeves, give it your all.
Love is what you do -- not a place where you fall.
I tell you, love is something you do,
Decide to be forever true.

Love is something you show -- not an arrow from Cupid's bow.
Love's not inflicted by magical dart,
Randomly fir'd, infecting your heart.
No -- love is your pointed decision,
Requiring adult supervision.

You've got to roll up your sleeves, show that you care.
Love is what you show -- not a word you declare
I tell you, love is something you show,
So go and make the feeling grow.
Infatuation is easy to find.
You fill up your senses and empty your mind.
But love that lasts is much tougher
As you will, no doubt, discover

Love is action you take -- not a dream during coffee break.
Love's not a vaporous fantasy flight,
Short-lived illusions your hormones ignite.
No -- love is a conscious endeavor
To work with a partner forever.

You've got to roll up your sleeves, work 'til you ache.
Love is what you do -- not a flight that you take.
I tell you, love is something you do,
So go and show your love.
You've got to work at love,
Go make some love with you-know-who
Lights fade out.

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Copyright © 2003 William Armstrong

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