Been There, Done That

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A Song from Glama by William Armstrong

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Been there, done that. Seen everything there is to see.
They can keep all of that if you'll be mine,
'Cuz you mean the world to me.

I tackled Niag'ra in a barrel,
Autographed China's famous wall,
Spit gum out on the streets of Singapore,
But you're the greatest thrill of them all!

Been there, seen that. Done everything there is to do.
Yes, I've planted one on that Blarney Stone,
But I'd rather kiss with you.

I've run with the bulls out in Pamplona,
Surfed at Oahu's northern shore,
Ate kosher in the heart of Arab lands,
But you're the thrill that I'm craving more

Seen this, done that. Been everywhere there is to be.
Be the love of my life from here on out,
'Cuz you mean the world, a wonderful world, you mean the world to me.

Copyright © 2003 William Armstrong

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