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27 Jan 2004
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Songs: Music and Lyrics of Bill Armstrong

When I first thought of doing a musical comedy version of a financial audit (Audit Oddities), I was intimidated by the job of writing the music. So I didn't. Instead, I wrote parodies of well known songs. The lyrics were very well received, so I pressed on.

I was working on a full-length musical (GLAMA) and was looking for a songwriter with whom to collaborate. After a approaching a few people, I decided that I couldn't wait. I starting writing the music myself. I wrote a church hymn (Praise and Thanks) and sang it for the congregation. It was a little ragged, but no one seemed to catch on to the fact that I had written it myself. My career as a songwriter had begun.

Slowly I learned more about writing songs: melody, harmony, accompaniment, arrangements. One by one the songs of GLAMA came together. Here are a few of the songs:

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