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11 Jun 2011
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General Bibliography and Internet Links

Games Magazine and Games World of Puzzles. These are the best continuing sources of puzzles in the known world.

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Loyd, Sam. Cyclopedia of Puzzles. New York, Lamb Publishing, 1914. (see for full text).

Brecher, Edwin. The Ultimate Book of Puzzles, Mathematical Diversions, and Brainteasers. New York, St. Martin’s Griffin, 1996. Available as an e-book at

Borgmann, Dmitri. Language on Vacation. New York, Scribner, 1965. Not available online.

Pink, Daniel. A Whole New Mind. New York, Riverhead, 2005. For more information visit

Google is where to start looking for anything on the web.

Wikipedia is a wonderful, user-maintained encyclopedia and reference source at

Project Gutenburg (USA) has complete texts of many public domain books at

The Free is a great dictionary and thesaurus at

Dmoz open directory project is a gateway to worlds of great puzzles at

Lexical FreeNet connected thesaurus is a fascinating word association tool at

RhymeZone, rhyming dictionary, etc. at

Maze Bibliography and Internet Links

Shepherd, Walter. Mazes and Labyrinths: a book of puzzles. New York, Dover Publications, Inc., 1961. See Dover Books.

Myers, Bernard. Supermazes No. 1. Garden City, NY, Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1977. This is out of print but available at some libraries and used book sources.

Locke, Nathan and Matthew Locke. The Big, Big Book of Mazes. New York, Mud Puddle, Inc., 2003. One place to find this book is at Google ebooks.

Robert Abbott’s terrific interactive mazes and puzzles to solve at!

Andrea Gilbert’s mazes and interactive puzzles at - lots of fun.

Erich Friedman's puzzle palace has a huge variety of clever mazes and other puzzles at

Jim Bumgardner’s huge collection of attractive, printable mazes at

Christopher Berg’s visually stunning maze art and commentary at

An eclectic collection of computer and hand-drawn mazes at

Paul Falstad's interactive “walk-through” mazes from a ground-level perspective at

Jody Hall’s whimsical cartoon mazes to print and solve at

Printable mazes and other activities for children at

Riddle Bibliography and Internet Links

Dudeney, Henry Ernest. 300 Best Word Puzzles. New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1965. See ebookee,org.

Bellamy, William. A Century of Charades. New York, Houghton Mifflin and Company, 1894. has a complete scan of the book available to view online at

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Eckler, A. Ross. Word Recreations – Games and Diversions from Word Ways. New York, Dover Publications, 1979. This is out of print but available at some libraries and used book sources.

Espy, Willard R. The Game of Words. NewYork, Bramhall House, 1972. Available at Amazon and other sources.

Eric S. Raymond’s Riddle-Poems, and How to Make Them at

New riddles from a variety of contributors at

Loads of Q&A riddles at

Links to many sources using dmoz open directory project at

Rebus Bibliography and Internet Links

Blumenthal, Norman. Scramble, the Picture Puzzles That Make You Stop and Think. New York, Pyramid Books, 1976. This is out of print but available at some libraries and used book sources.

Games Magazine’s Rebus Cartoons. Chicago, Playboy Enterprises, Inc., 1981-1986. This is out of print.

Games Magazine’s Wacky Wordies. Chicago, Playboy Enterprises, Inc., 1979-1986. This is out of print.

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Everything’s a Puzzle. New York, Unicorn Books, Inc. 1953. This is out of print.

Rebus puzzles they call 'pictograms' at

Some of Terry Stickels’ Frame Games at

fun=with-words Fun-with-words rebus puzzles at

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences at

New, challenging puzzles at

Rebus puzzles at Printable, Thinkable Fun at

Disguised Writing Bibliography and Internet Links

Gardner, Martin. Codes, Ciphers and Secret Writing. New York, Pocket Books, 1974. See Barnes & Noble.

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Arnold, Henri, Bob Lee, and Mike Argiron. Jumbo Jumble: A Big Book for Big Fans. Chicago, Triumph Books, 1998. Available at many booksellers.

Internet Anagram Server, a wonderful resource for anagrams at

Links to many cryptograms. Many are too short to be fair. See

Math and Science Puzzles Bibliography and Internet Links

Dudeney, Henry Ernest. The Canterbury Puzzles (1907). Available online at Project Gutenburg (USA).

Dudeney, Henry Ernest. Amusements in Mathematics (1917). Available online at Project Gutenburg (USA).

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Webster, David. Brain-Boosters. Garden City, New York, The Natural History Press, 1966. This is out of print but available at some libraries and used book sources.

Math is fun Rod Pierce’s ‘Math Is Fun’ puzzles at

Alexander Bogomolny’s site promoting the fun of mathematics at

Logic puzzles, measurement problems, river crossings, etc. at

Matchstick puzzles at

Jim Loy's great tips for word arithmetic (letter long division) at

Dell/Penny Press solver tips for word arithmetic (letter long division) at

Crosswords Bibliography and Internet Links

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Dell Pocket Crossword Puzzles magazine. For more information see

Theresa Cunningham’s great cryptic crosswords at

Interactive crossword puzzles at

A2Z WordFinder: Crossword pattern search utility at

Crossword making software from Antony Lewis’s WordWeb Software: Crossword Compiler.

Sue Gleason’s Double Crostic Puzzle Page (interactive) at

Puzzle Baron’s interactive acrostic (without the crostic) at

Puzzles with Cryptic Clues by John De Cuevas at

Logical and Lateral Thinking Bibliography and Internet Links

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Summers, George. New Puzzles in Logical Deduction. NewYork, Dover, 1968.

Nick Baxter’s Sliding Block Puzzle Page of interactive classics at

Brain Food’s (Samuel Stoddard’s) collection of logic and situation puzzles at

You be the sleuth with these children's mysteries at

Child's Play Bibliography and Internet Links

Daste, Larry, Stephen Stanley, and Joe Boddy. Hidden Picture Mania. New York, Dover, 2001.

Dedopulos, Tim. The Photo Puzzle Challenge. London, Carlton Publishing Group, 2008.

Fox, Robin. Photo Tricks: 100 Spot-the-Difference Challenges. New York, Sterling Innovation, 2009.

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Tallarico, Tony J. Spot-the-Differences Across the USA. New York, Dover, 2008.

Hidden Pictures Playground, a series of “books” (magazines) published by Highlights. See

Gideon Greenspan and Rachel Lee’s free interactive sudoku game site at

Terrific source for innovative puzzles at

Teachers’ puzzle site including word evolution, mazes, mad gabs, and more at

Enchanted Learning’s word evolution (word ladder) puzzles at

Hillclimb Media’s word evolution (doublets) puzzles at

Hillclimb Media’s puzzle and game site at

Puzzlemania magazine of puzzles for kids 7 and up at
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