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9 Aug 2012
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About William Armstrong & Brain Trainer,
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If you wish to send money (and we wish you would), make checks (drawn on a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars) payable to William Armstrong. Praise and accolades are welcomed with enthusiasm. Constructive criticism is not-so-cheerfully accepted. Nasty remarks, please banish from your thoughts [insert Jedi mind trick here].

About the Man

Except when he’s writing, William Armstrong generally goes by the name Bill. He is 62 years old, and he has looked 60 years old since he was 25. But he has felt 25 since he was 18. Go figure. He loves puzzles and humor, and he sometimes combines the two.

Bill is definitely over-educated: three degrees from major colleges (I guess you’d call that “getting the third degree”) plus thousands of continuing education hours since graduation. In addition to his primary profession as a “computer guy,” he has taught high school extension classes and the Dale Carnegie Course.

He became a Certified Public Accountant in 1977. He was certified at the Fellow level in Production and Inventory Management in 1978. He has been certifiable ever since.

Brain Trainer book

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William Armstrong author

Community theater is one of Bill’s interests. He is an award-winning playwright, award-winning actor, award-winning costume designer (there’s a funny story about how that happened), and a non-award-winning director. He has written some musical plays (GLAMA is a full length, original musical you can read on this site). He has also written (award-winning) poetry and short stories. OK. Enough with the awards.

Bill has been solving and creating puzzles almost all his life. In creating puzzles, he tries to follow his four qualities that make a good puzzle. His creations go from very easy to very hard! (Some people say they go from hard to super hard.) The puzzles are definitely easier to solve if you use the solving tips in his Brain Trainer book.

So, buy the book. Enjoy the book. Recommend it to friends, enemies, Romans, countrymen, etc. Write positive reviews about it. Then live long and prosper.

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