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29 Aug 2011
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Race Cars Logic Puzzle

Genre: Logic Rating: 7 - Hard Source: William Armstrong
Brain Functions: Logic / Focus Hint    Solution

Five cars, including a Chevy, were driven in a race by five different drivers. Each car was a different color. What is the name of each driver, the make and color of that driver's car, and the finishing order (first through fifth)?

  1. Although their average speeds were virtually identical, Reger's Ford nosed across the finish line a split second ahead of the Stone's yellow car. All other cars had measurable differences in average speed.
  2. The Audi's average speed was 3 miles per hour faster than the green car but 2 miles per hour slower than Unger.
  3. Three different cars in the race were Quincy’s car, the Honda, and the green car.
  4. The third place car never led the black BMW but passed Talbot's car at one point.
  5. Neither the Honda nor the Audi was red.
  6. The blue car's average speed was four miles per hour faster than Talbot.

Race Cars Logic Puzzle

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