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26 Nov 2011
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Map Rally Example 2

Genre: Logic / Rules Rating: 5 - Medium Source: Perplexercises Rally Ex. 2
Brain Functions: Rule following / Logic Hint    Solution

A map rally tests your ability to follow direction - even when the puzzle it trying to get you to break the rules. First read the following rules:

Rally Rules
  1. Definitions:
    R - Turn right
    L - Turn left
    TEE - An intersection where a roadway extends to your right and a roadway extends to your left, and past which you can't continue straight ahead
    RDWY  - A roadway with a different name than the roadway you are on
  2. Priority: The priorities from highest to lowest are: Checkpoint Instruction, Rally Rule, Note Instruction [NOTE], and Route Instruction [RI]. If items of different priority conflict, obey the item of higher priority in that situation.
  3. Complying with instructions: Execute each RI once only, as soon as possible, and in ascending numerical order. A NOTE comes into effect when you turn for the last RI appearing before the NOTE and goes out of effect when the NOTE is cancelled. While a NOTE is in effect, do what it tells you to do whenever it applies. Don't turn for two different instructions at the same time.
  4. Continuing: Always continue in the straightest possible direction until otherwise directed.
  5. Roadways: Roadways with different names are different roadways.
  6. Questions: Answer each Q (printed question on your Course Pages) between the completions of the RIs most nearly surrounding that Q.
  7. Miscellaneous: Don't split any word, number, or abbreviation. Numbers and abbreviations are not words. Capitalization and typeface are irrelevant. Information enclosed in parentheses () is honest and helpful. Be careful. Don't drive over any cliff.

Next, consider the map shown below. You are starting with your car at the arrow (on the roadway named CENTER) and headed in the direction of the arrow. Remember that 'right' and 'left' are relative to the direction of your car, not the printed page. Obey the rules as you answer the three questions.

Map Rally Example 2

RI 7. L onto ADAMS

NOTE RIGHT: R at TEE RI 8. L onto CIRCLE Q4. What is the name of the first RDWY you come to? RI 9. R onto HILL Q5. Do you execute NOTE RIGHT? RI 10. R onto MAIN Q6. Do you travel on ADAMS? RI 11. L onto PALM

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