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12 Jul 2008
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Who Is This Guy?

I'm told that all fiction is autobiographical - or was it that all autobiographies are fiction? Well, either way, in the following synopsis of one man's life you can draw parallels to the man's writings. In fact, the key points even have links to take you to pertinent (and impertinent) passages in my works.


I graduated from college as an Industrial Engineer with emphasis in computers [Busting Lucifer] and moved back to my home town of Pasadena, California. I went to work at Arthur Andersen & Co. (stop snickering) as a CPA [Audit Oddities] and consultant [Fair Retail]. The highlight of my career at Andersen was the afternoon I sneaked out of the staff room to see Star Wars [Lard Wars] at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

I married a woman with four children, one named Lucia [Glama]. I left Andersen and went to work for a Savings and Loan [Unseen of the Crime], which went belly up during the 1980's. True to form, I then got a job with a large Aerospace company, so I am very familiar with bureaucracy [Still in Business...].

In the late 1990's, I moonlighted as a Dale Carnegie instructor [Fair Retail and Glama]. One of my Carnegie classes dared me to audition for a little theater production of Damn Yankees. I figured there was no harm is trying out; I'd never done any acting [Thinking Kong], so the chances of being chosen were near zero. I got the role of Benny Van Buren. In the years that followed, I got other parts (even some leading roles).

In 2002, I was playing Abel Frakes in Rodgers and Hammerstein's State Fair when I came down with a nasty respiratory disease called Valley Fever [Losing Patients]. I was able (no pun intended) to finish the play, but I was not well. I decided to slow down - take up writing, instead of acting. But I still haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up [Well, I'll Be].

If you haven't figured it out by now, the purpose of this Web site is get people to read and perform my plays. Please contact me by e-mail at with your comments and questions.

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