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12 Jul 2008
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To defeat the ogre and win the hand of the princess, Mark may have to pay a terrible price:

Fair Retail

A comic fairy tale for the whole family.

King Kudos has two problems (not counting uncomfortable shoes): 1) an ogre has captured one of his castles, and 2) there's no royalty left for his daughter to marry. Princess Harmony suggests a contest. The man who can defeat the ogre is to be named a prince and marry Harmony. Mark, a humble merchant, sets out to win his lady love, but the orge is only the beginning. Evil witch Krona and slimy Juan Lira also stand in Mark's way.

Read the Script

Photos from a 2005 rehearsal:
Town Crier Juan and Krona Sir Viss Mark and Boo Prince Rubles Pshattered Harmony drugged Ogre pants down Ogre and Krona Waking up Good witch Flower fairy

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