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A Full Length Musical Comedy by William Armstrong

Because Glama is a full length musical comedy. This page has a brief summary and an outline of the show. Use the links embedded in the outline to read sample scenes or to hear midi versions of the song melodies. If you need more information, e-mail us at . We can e-mail you a complete script. We also have a 2-DVD set of the show that can be purchased.


Jeff is a tour guide and owner of Glama Tours. Most of the guests on Glama's weeklong tours of Los Angeles are quirky senior citizens out for a good time. Jeff loves Anita, a divorcee and mother of two girls, and he's considering asking her to get married. On this particular week in the summer of 2000 a misguided undercover officer is trying to prove that Jeff is a drug dealer. Anita finds out about the drug investigation before Jeff does. She suddenly questions whether her "perfect lover" has lied to her about his job. When Jeff proposes, he is stunned by Anita's response. The laughs come from world-class souvenir shoppers, cute little girls, a cynical bus driver, the LAPD, and the owner of an Irish-Jewish comedy nightclub.

Act I, Scene 1 - Glama bus near LAX, Saturday midday
Introduce Jeff (tour guide) and Angel (bus driver).
The tour escorts upscale visitors around L.A. from Saturday to Saturday.
Jeff loves Anita but hasn't been willing to commit to marriage.
Act I, Scene 2 - Los Angeles Airport, Saturday midday
Song: Travel Tips ... The Company
Introduce Herb and Claire, an energetic but elderly couple who aren't married.
Introduce Kelli, a 16-year-old who doesn't want to be seen traveling with her parents.
Introduce Marcy and her plot to expose Jeff as a drug dealer.
Act I, Scene 3 - Olvera Street shop, Saturday midday
Introduce Anita, her two daughters (Honda and Lucia), and Carmen (coworker).
Jeff and Anita are in love. They've been to Hawaii together on a romantic vacation.
Song: Please Make My Dreams Come True ... Anita
Act I, Scene 4 - Hotel poolside lounge, Saturday late afternoon
Glama Tours' champagne reception at the beginning of this week's tour.
Introduce Tony (hotel bellman) and senior tourists (Zita, Ruth, Janet, and Dawn).
Non-alcoholic cider and a deal with Kelli.
Song: Welcome to Los Angeles ... Jeff
Announce the tour's itinerary for the week: Saturday night in Hollywood.
Sunday - morning free, afternoon nightclub rehearsal, evening at beach.
Monday - old Los Angeles (including Olvera Street where Anita's shop is).
Tuesday - Disneyland (which is Jeff and Angel's day off).
Wednesday - Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, J. Paul Getty Museum. Evening at nightclub.
Thursday - tour of a working movie studio.
Friday - customized side tours and other attractions. Evening on the town in Westwood.
Act I, Scene 5 - Kosher Leprechaun / Olvera Street shop, Sunday early afternoon
Introduce Sean (Jeff's friend). He is a nightclub manager who has been divorced twice.
Jeff is thinking about proposing to Anita. Sean and Carmen advise Jeff and Anita.
Song: The Marrying Kind ... Carmen, Sean, Jeff, Anita
Act I, Scene 6 - Glama bus at hotel, Monday morning
Tony expresses an interest in the attractive but underage Kelli.
Song: Welcome to Los Angeles (reprise) ... Angel
Ruth and Jeff refer to "Crack". Janet gets baggie of white powder.
Act I, Scene 7 - Olvera Street plaza and shop, Monday midday
Women line up for bathroom and then shop for souvenirs and bargains.
Song: Fiesta ... Mariachis
Snowball is a real cat who always sleeps and is probably deaf.
Song: Pussygato ... Honda
Act I, Scene 8 - Hotel hallway, Monday night
Janet thanks Jeff for the laundry soap (the baggie of white powder).
Act I, Scene 9 - Hotel poolside lounge, Monday night
Jeff has made his fortune in the stock market and is owner of Glama Tours.
Song: Funny How Life Goes ... Jeff
Act I, Scene 10 - Olvera Street plaza and shop, Tuesday morning
Jeff comes to pick up Anita. Marcy doesn't go to Disneyland.
Carmen overhears Marcy accuse Jeff of dealing drugs.

- Intermission -
Act II, Scene 1 - Olvera Street shop, Tuesday night
Carmen tells Anita about drug dealing. Anita doesn't want to believe.
Carmen suggests that "a wife can't be forced to testify against her husband".
Act II, Scene 2 - Kosher Leprechaun, Wednesday evening
Sean Steinberg explains the Kosher Leprechaun in stand-up comedy routine.
Tour members present the wacky 'Lard Wars' skit.
Song: Come and Get It ... Kelli
Act II, Scene 3 - Glama coach at hotel, Thursday morning
Jeff feels that Marcy isn't enjoying the tour. Marcy gives Angel bad dreams.
Song: Don't Make My Dreams Come True ... Angel
Act II, Scene 4 - Hotel room, Thursday night
Jeff asks advice from Janet and Sam. Can a man love one woman forever?
Song: Love Is Something You Do ... Janet, Jeff, Sam
Act II, Scene 5 - Glama coach at hotel, Friday morning
Jeff needs to run an errand down in the Jewelry district - buying Anitaís engagement ring.
Song: Been There, Done That ... Herb, Claire
Claire agrees to marry Herb.
Act II, Scene 6 - Olvera Street plaza and shop, Friday midday
Song: Iím Ready ... Jeff
Jeff proposes to Anita. Anita asks if Jeff has any secrets.
She mistakes his owning Glama with dealing drugs and walks out on Jeff's proposal.
Act II, Scene 7 - Glama coach at Olvera Street, Friday midday
Ladies and Angel find that Jeff got turned down.
Act II, Scene 8 - Hotel Poolside Lounge, Friday night
Kelli goes off with Tony to have a drink at his apartment.
Song: City/Sitter Duet ... Janet, Sam
Don and Susan Richards ask Jeff to help find Kelli. Jeff follows Tony.
Jeff returns with Kelli drunk. Marcy arrests him. Anita watches Jeff get busted.
Act II, Scene 9 - Police Station, Friday night
Marcy shows tape to police. Tour members refute each accusation.
Song: I Just Swear ... Zita, Ruth, Janet, Sam
Act II, Scene 10 - Hotel poolside lounge, two months later
A double wedding: Herb and Claire, Jeff and Anita.
Song: Now and Forever ... Jeff, Anita
Sean and Carmen lament the marriage of their friends. Carmen catches bouquet.
Anita asks why it's called Glama, and a new name is suggested.

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